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Everyone has a favourite comfort pillow/toy from childhood - the one that saw you through tears, sweat, saliva, and maybe even vomit. The one you’d refuse to let anyone take away for even a second. The one that reminded you how much you were loved and assured you that everything would be fine. That beloved chou chou (literal translation: smelly pillow), as some may know it.

Growing up, I was super attached to my chou chou, a plain pillow, as I was not allowed to own soft toys due to asthma and eczema. I’d always thought, how nice it would be for every child to have a well-designed, good-quality chou chou that also functions as their favourite soft toy.

Every Second is a realisation of that childhood dream. Here at Every Second, we offer cute, mum-approved chou chous (we call them Tubbies) made from antibacterial bamboo-based fabric that’s extremely soft, smooth and gentle on the skin. Each Tubby comes with a removable, easy-to-wash cover, plus an extra (identical) cover, so the little ones will never need to be apart from their Tubbies.

The Tubbies are no ordinary chou chous or soft toys. Each Tubby represents an important virtue (such as kindness), and comes with a virtue card that lets adults instill virtues into their young ones through fun and engaging storytelling. You can make each Tubby even more special by having the child’s name stitched onto it.

My 2-year-old boy absolutely adores the Tubby “Kindness” Bear that comforts him and reminds him to care for the people around him!

I hope the Tubbies and their virtues will spark joy and help to inculcate good moral behaviour and character in young ones, while accompanying them Every Second of their lives.

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